Comments and opinions on any part of this website are opinions of the writers (identified or anonymous). Lyrics Of The Day - I KNOW WHO I AM by Sinach, What You Didn't Know About The Ambidextrous, Some Leafy Vegetables and Herbs Found in Nigeria and Their Uses, Lyrics Of The Day - PRAY FOR ME by Darey ft Soweto Gospel Choir, Lyrics Of The Day - MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE by Panam Percy Paul, Lyrics of The Day - THESE WALLS by Jason David, Lyrics of The Day - WHITE CHRISTMASES IN HOUSTON by Branded, Lyrics of The Day - NIGERIA by Funmi Adams, Hymn of The Week - IT PAYS TO SERVE JESUS. It smells and taste like tarragon; usually used fresh or dried in the preparation of Banga soup. In Hausa, though, it is called na'a naa. Efo Shoko a.k.a Lagos Spinach! I know that the botanical name of nturukpa is pterocarpus santalinoides but please what is the English name of nturukpa? Stories culled and pictures used on this site will be given due credit, this will not be the fault of if they are given original credit from website(s) otherwise culled from. Lyrics Of The Day - MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE by Pana... APRON AND PANS - PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA SMOOTHIE, Lyrics Of The Day - 911 by Kirk Franklin ft T.D Jakes, Hero; DR. STELLA AMEYO ADADEVOH (1956 – 2014), Lyrics Of The Day - PERFECT GENTLEMAN by Sean Tizzle, Cataracts - Types, Symptoms, And All You Need To Know, Lyrics Of The Day - FLYING WITHOUT WINGS by Westlife. It contains four times more Vitamin A or beta-carotene than carrots. After a brief pause, he sighed and said "it felt like the right thing to do".... Ugu is a leafy vegetable which is used in Nigeria for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Wash goat meat, beef, shaki and kpomo (cow skin) thoroughly with salt tap water. In the local market especially with the hausa vendors, mint is known as ". Efo riro is a very rich vegetable soup. efo – tete – nigerian – vegetable – yoruba – recipe – food – traditional – market – 9jafoodie. Efo Tete is the English name for Spinach. This plant is often used among cultures and had come along way as a Herbal plant. Oha leaf is really popular in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Once grinded, it's got a slimy consistency just like okra. How to Prepare Efo Riro & Pounded Yam using Symplinatural Recipes; Efo Riro. It helps in keeping the nervous system healthy. HEALTH BENEFITS OF GREEN VEGETABLE (SHOKO) All mentioned above plants are widely used in culinary worldwide. I"m not sure what it is. Well it still came out OK, my dad said it’s manageable… Just an igbo girl trying different recipes. Ayurveda (ancient Hindu system of healing) use the leaves for ascites, pain, piles, and tumors. Atama leave's botanical name is Heinsia crinita, Please what is Yoruba name of sesame seed, Please what's the English name of atama leave. It's a good source of fibre, low in calories but high in vitamins. It is also a good source Of vitamins A, C, K and lots of minerals. It is also used locally in the treatment of cough, intestinal worms, dysentery, dyspepsia and malaria. African spinach (green) is Efo Tete not just Efo.Efo is the general yoruba name for all leaft veg. • Is rich in Vitamin A. The leaves have a very bitter taste. It is an uncommon leafy vegetable which is not a climbing plant like ugu. Efo Riro is a Yoruba word and it loosely means ‘stirred spinach’. From shop MercysTropicalPlants. All you need to do is pick your favorite, add to cart, check out and we will deliver to your doorstep. The only difference between the previous recipe and this recipe is the leafy vegetables used. The leaves are chewed to lose weight, it is known to improve eyesight and also prevent cataract, it is used to improve hair color. APRON AND PANS - CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES. In herbal medicine, it is used to control or prevent dysentery, worm infestation and constipation. Efo Tete (African Spinach): English Name: African Spinach, Callaloo Local Name: Efo Tete (Yoruba) Botanically: Amaranthus hybridus, Family Amaranthaceae. It's got small pinnate leaves which are highly aromatic. it’s used in the preparation of various Nigerian dishes. Most times, it is sold already pre-washed in the Nigerian market. They only know it is edible and it appeals to their taste bud. In the local Nigerian market, it is known as hot leaves. Lyrics Of The Day - PRAY FOR ME by Darey ft Soweto... Did You Know Exercising Can Overshadow Depression? Decide For Yourself, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome And Weight Loss, Lyrics Of The Day - DO MY OWN by Ola ft Obiora Obiwon, Lyrics Of The Day - MIGHTY TO SAVE by Don Moen. • Is a rich source of Calcium. Efo means vegetable and this vegetable has numerous health benefits. Efo riro is a porpular yoruba dish prepared with vegetables stock-fish, palm oil and other ingredients including assorted meat. As it grows and towers in height, people employ climbers to climb and pluck the leaves for sale and for home consumption. To some culture, they never knew its health benefits. The moringa leaves are said to contain twice the protein present in milk. Hence, it is a weapon against blindness. These are the local spinach varieties that are very popular and easily available. Researchers also found out that eating meals rich in fluted pumpkin leaves and seeds helps prevent cancer, improves blood count, beats diabetes, reduces blood glucose & cholesterol levels. It is used in the treatment of piles. Some even make it from the fluted pumpkin leaf, botanically known as Telfaira occidentalis. English Name: African spinach, "Green" Local Name: Inine (Igbo), Efo Tete (Yoruba), tete eleegun(yoruba), allayahu (Hausa) Botanical Name: Amaranthus Hybridus Known as “Green” in the local market due to its colour, this leafy vegetable is the second most popular leafy vegetable after Ugu. If these are not readily available where you live, leafy or frozen spinach is a very good substitute. It is also the main leaf used in the preparation of efo riro, a popular vegetable soup. In English language, it translates to spinach stew. I prefer a mix of Ugu and Efinrin leaves. Lyrics of The Day - NO OTHER GOD by Nathaniel Bassey, Lyrics of The Day - SMILE AGAIN by Kirk Franklin, Lyrics of The Day - BREATHE by Michael W. Smith. (You may need to further boil your stock fish, depending on the hardness of the texture.) Family: Amaranthaceae, These vegetables are perennial herb. Lyrics Of The Day - PHOTOGRAPH by Ed Sheeran. The botanical name is Spinacia oleracea. If you are residing outside Nigeria where you cant get Shoko or Tete (green leaf), you can as well use English spinach or kale to prepare efo riro. Garden Egg leaves are used in the preparation of vegetable stews and yam dishes. Getting Married? Hateful, abusive, immoral and racist comments will not be enabled. It reduces the chances of having kidney disorder 3. In Nigeria it is used as a strong mosquito repellent as well as for other insects. It is also taken as a tonic to treat loss of appetite and also In the treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure. Efo Riro can be prepared with different types of vegetables. SCIENTIFIC NAME: LACTUSCA VIROSA. Moringa leaves rank among the most nutritionally rich plant material in living existence on the planet. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. You can also use “Gure” (Water leaf) or “Ewuro” (Bitter leaf). Lovely article. They only know it is edible and it appeals to their taste bud. PLEASE WHAT IS THE YORUBA NAME FOR MINT LEAF.

efo tete in english

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