Exercise headaches occur during or after sustained, strenuous exercise. Plus, not eating after a workout can leave you feeling ravenous later on. "Carbs are required after your workout to help build and re-fuel your muscles as they stimulate your muscles to absorb amino acids from protein through increasing the hormone insulin," Gawthorne said. Exercise is beneficial for overall health. Not only can it speed up recovery time, but a recent study found that massage after heavy exercise … Here's the good news: Science says you need a post-workout massage. Here, dietitians share why these nutrients are vital and the best snacks to eat after a tough workout. You wake up the morning after a workout and your quads hurt so badly you can barely swing your legs out of bed. "Sweet potatoes are a wonderful source of vitamin C and beta carotene, and they help build back your glycogen stores, which get can depleted after a strenuous workout," Kennedy says. And no one likes to be hangry and tired. Get … Eating a cup of cubed cantaloupe after a workout can help. To get the most effective exercise, it is necessary to have good nutrition. Doctors divide exercise headaches into two categories. The ideal post-workout snack includes protein (for your muscles) and carbs (to replenish energy). Or, on the flip side, the day after an … Made from chickpeas, hummus contains both protein and carbs, and the slow-release carbs from the pita will keep energy levels up after a tough workout. Swipe to advance. Some activities associated with exercise headaches include running, rowing, tennis, swimming and weightlifting. 7 / 15.
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