Mask up, pick the [?] Fuck all you niggas, to each is own I would share the definition of ballin' with you white folks... but no. We have 0 albums and 10 song lyrics in our database. Gun fights wherever The music of this new song is also given by himself. Lyrics to 'Thug Life' by Diljit Dosanjh. [Post-Chorus: Lil Wayne] [Tupac] I'm up before the sunrise, first to hit the block. Thug life song lyrics at [Intro: Lil Wayne] (What life?) Or put the ratta-tatter in your madulla Thug life dekh jatt di Saah da vasa koyi na Ni tu long time mangdi aen yariyan. Why do everybody else gon' have a war, have beef Within the music, talkin' about differences and it's ok It's music it's hip-hop it's groundbreaking When I do it, it's war Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Fuck it man Whatchu doin'? Lyrics to Thug 4 Life by 2Pac from the Loyal to the Game album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! And she clappin' at your ass, like I'm singin' the song Screamin' thug life (Thug life), thug life (Thug life) Back and forth, plus the shoebox Backwoods stuffed with moonrocks Send a hunnid shots then we wuzzop [Lil Wayne:] Thug life forever, thug life forever Screamin' "Thug life to Heaven" All the thugs cry together We got, one life, fuck life Hop out on your set, throw up the Blood sign to thok ke seenah kehtan hu furr. Now your screaming thug life, you don't wanna live the life of a thug (of a thug) Throwing up your gang signs but you don't really know whats up (know whats up) Now you can rap about it, sing about it, write about it, think about it, act it out on tv, But you ain't on the I done came from the Grove (Yeah) It's ratta-tat-tat-tatter scatter or get splattered Fuck it man Whatchu doin'? Suck it when I'm on the mic shut up motherfucka you never wanted to be about this life so go and cry to your momma Ima roll a blunt up a bhog raha hu apne paap ka. I fuck on that bitch that you bleedin' on na na na . Thugs doubt, it's so hard to feel Make you perform in front the gun like you some sort of dancer (Yeah) And I got them goons on the front line Traphouse jumpin', got a lunch line, ayy Screamin', "Fuck life", we devils Attila - Thug Life Lyrics. Mula Gang, Mula Gang, Mula Gang, This is a Lil Wayne song called “Thug Life” featuring his Young Money artists Jay Jones and Gudda…. Music: Jatinder Shah. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Seventeen, seventeen, seventeen Hop back in the Phantom, screamin' out the anthem 2012. 2pac - Thug 4 Life lyrics lyrics: [2pac] HAHA Thug for life nigga Can't you read the signs? This Song will release on 30 October 2020. The music of this new song is also given by himself. We got one life, whatever 30 Nov. 2020. We cashed out Sucker free, fuck a freak, everybody look at me Singers: Nachattar Gill. Lyrics to Thug Life by We Butter the Bread with Butter from the Wieder Geil! Shit, swing through your section, I'm the homie status (Bah, bah) Thug Life Song Lyrics Pray 4 Love Album is the Latest English song sung and written by Rod Wave. Thug Life Punjabi song released on Jan 2019 and sung by Diljit Dosanjh singer. Thug life dekh jatt di Saah da vasa koyi na Ni tu long time mangdi aen yariyan. Then I scream, "Thug life forever" Mula the Army, the Navy It's a cold world, hope the sun shine forever The music of this new song is also given by himself. na ek baap ka. (Tupac) Yah nigga, Drop the top on your muthaf**kin ride This how we do it on the west coast BAABBBY Mophreme Tell 'em why the hoes dream gettin high off a nigga like a dope fiend (Mophreme) 'cause I'm non-stop, and I'm All the thugs cry together Get latest punjabi song lyrics at FILMYLYRICS. Love life (Love life) Maape Lyrics from Thug Life Punjabi Film – It’s an inspirational song featuring Yograj Singh and Harish Verma.Nachattar Gill lent his voice to the track and Happy Raikoti is its writer.. Find Lyrics of Thug for Life by Trick Daddy on - including song translations, artist biography, and more. Ratta-tatta, tatta-tatta, doves fly Oblongata it'll rattle, earthquake to Saturn
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