The emphasis is on agility, elegance and soundness with no tendency towards massiveness. Bringing a Ridgeback into your life is a serious committment and if you are willing to make the accomodations necessary to live with this breed, make sure you do your research. Bred to hunt, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is used to working solo and making decisions without help or influence from other dogs or people. The strong tapered tail is fairly long and curves slightly upward. Overview . 6. Thai Ridgeback . ... Temperament : Dignified Loyal Sensitive Intelligent Mischievous Strong Willed ... which means that this breed has a strong desire for exploring the world. Be aware though that this breed is strong-willed, independent and highly intelligent so needs an owner with those identical traits. It can be completely normal or a … The Rhodesian Ridgeback is not the only dog breed with a ridge on his/her spine. The Rhodesian Ridgeback, alternately known as the African Lion Dog, has a muscular, well-built distinguished appearance alongside a loyal, intelligent, confident and strong-willed disposition. Red Wheaten Light Wheaten Wheaten Temperament Edit. Rhodesian Ridgeback temperament. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is an extremely intelligent dog that is protective of family. Temperament: Energetic, affectionate, loyal, strong-willed Comparable Breeds: Labrador Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback Coat colors Edit. The Rhodesian Ridgeback’s temperament means it is a confident and independent breed. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is highly intelligent with a strong-willed, independent streak. They are brave, vigilant, reserved towards strangers, and possess considerable stamina. This fierce, bold breed has been mixed with a whole lot of purebreds to create several designer breeds. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is also mixed with several other purebreds like Pharaoh Hound, […] They are sometimes strong-willed dogs — obedience training is a must with this breed. Rhodesian Ridgeback takes its name from its homeland now known as Zimbabwe and the distinctive ridge that runs down his spine. They will need regular training to ensure that they listen to you and see you as a pack leader. Height: 20-22 inches Weight: 51-75 lb Lifespan: 12-14 years Group: AKC Foundation Stock Service Best Suited For: Families with older children, active singles, experienced owners, houses with yards Temperament: Strong-willed, loyal, energetic, brave Comparable Breeds: Rhodesian Ridgeback New Search The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog breed bred in the Southern Africa region. However, not all Rhodesian Ridgebacks will like to cuddle; it does depend on the dog. Character: This strong-willed breed is loyal and powerful. Home Rhodesian Ridgeback. Thinking to adopt a Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog and wondering about Rhodesian Ridgeback's temperament or characteristics? The proud and brave Rhodesian Ridgeback is one of the most popular dog breeds today and has all the superb abilities of a hunter, guard dog, and companion. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is highly intelligent with a strong-willed, independent streak. It can be independent, strong-willed, and occasionally domineering, making it difficult to handle for timid or first-time owners. This is not to be confused with aggression; a Ridgeback of proper temperament will be more inclined to ignore, rather than challenge, a stranger. Temperament: Many consider the Rhodesian Ridgeback to be the hound group’s answer to a protective dog. This can be due to a strong sense of independence, a lack of trust in the person, or the dog prefers other ways of showing affection. This shorthaired dog with a distinctive ridge was bred by Boer farmers to withstand the wilds of Africa. The other breeds with a ridge on its spine is the Thai Ridgeback and the Phu Quoc Ridgeback. Because of their very strong prey drive, Rhodesian Ridgebacks should always be in a safely enclosed area when off leash. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are intelligent, confident dogs that are loyal to their family, and have something of a mind of their own. Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Overview. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a strong willed dog. If you're disgusted by slobber spots on your clothes, the Rhodesian Ridgeback could be a perfect choice for you. The personality of the Rhodesian Ridgeback makes him naturally protective of … They are muscular and tall, with a … Which is better: Rhodesian Ridgeback or Doberman Pinscher. Temperament of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. However, it can be a little too animated for small children. Rhodesian Ridgeback Last updated October 2009 A breed standard is the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance including the correct colour of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function. In fact, it is both a skilled hunter and a loyal guardian.
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