The good news is that unlike the last time this happened, there really IS a monster here!. Its strange really because the movie starts off really well, the small sequence of the three astronauts in their little craft approaching Saturn's rings is quite decent. Not sure why I picked this one, but for whatever reason I've always have a soft-spot for this incredibly trashy sci-fi flick, that's almost like a car-wreck you can't take your eyes away from. | Top Critics (3) This is one of those movies that should have been truly a memorable addition to the genre, but as it stands it's a mildly entertaining film that should have been much better than the finished product. The premise for this movie is dumb and so is the execution. |, February 28, 2018 Trailers From Hell. Even if The Incredible Melting Man were deliberately retro, re-creating the look and feel of a stultifying drive-in undercard isn't exactly a laudable achievement. Unfortunately, 'The Incredible Melting Man' isn't so incredible after all. This means we basically get one death scene after another, all set up in cheesy ways which are so blatantly obvious they offer no scares at all these days. Coming Soon. An astronaut is transformed into a murderous gelatinous mass after returning from an ill-fated space voyage. |, December 10, 2007 Back when these cards first hit the stores, this chap needed no introduction as he was something of a playground legend. Admittedly the melting effects don't actually change all that much for the majority of the middle of the film, its only right at the very end we see the real money sequence. There's a reason this film's appearance on MST3K lead to one of the famed series' best episodes: there's just so much fodder for filmic abuse that one can't help but crack wise while viewing it. By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. |, July 30, 2013 Rick Baker's effects are the best aspect of the film, and really is the reason to watch the film. The Incredible Melting Man Synopsis The sole survivor (Alex Rebar) of a Saturn flight returns, oozing goop and hungering for flesh. The bad news: that's not good news. Cheesy body-melt movie about an Astronaught who arrives back on earth after being hit by a solar wave in space which has caused his body to slowly melt away forcing him to kill and feed on others to renew his cells. Role credits...oh wait! We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. The Incredible Melting Man hits Blu-Ray on July 30, courtesy of Scream Factory. Its probably the epitome of schlock horror with the added bonus of having some quite dazzling practical effects courtesy of the legend Rick Baker. The title promises a melting man and damn it, we get a man who is melting. At the age of 22, Mike made his first feature film Killers, which was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival in 1997. For any readers that may not be familiar with The Incredible Melting Man, the 1977 cult classic was directed and written by William Sachs, and stars Alex Rebar as an astronaut who returns from a mission to Saturn and begins to slowly melt away: Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Its also at this point that you basically don't really care about the character of West anymore, seeing as he's slaughtering folk for no real reason other than he looks like a monster. 84. All trailers appearing on are the property of their respective owners. |, May 27, 2006 Highlights of this entertaining feature include Rick Baker discussing how he feels his makeup work was let down by literally everything else (well, he's right), and William Sachs attempting to convince us that the movie is, in fact, a satire. The Incredible Melting Man ( 129 ) IMDb 4.2 1 h 26 min 1978 R In order to stop the rapid deterioration of his flesh, is to feed on the flesh of other human beings. The Incredible Melting Man's original screenplay, inspired by Night of the Living Dead, was a goofy parody of the bleak, self-serious horror movies of the period. The solitary reason for this film’s existence is to watch a human being dissolve into a puddle of guts and gore over the course of 82 minutes and at this it succeeds mightily, thanks to the movie’s real star, make-up wizard Rick Baker. The Incredible Melting Man. If you enjoy low budget Schlock fests, then The Incredible Melting Man is the film to watch. You might want to stay away. The Incredible Melting Man is a 1977 American science fiction horror film directed and written by William Sachs.The plot concerns an astronaut whose body begins to melt after he is exposed to radiation during a space flight to Saturn, driving him to commit murders and consume human flesh to survive.During post-production, the producers reshot scenes without Sachs' participation. | Rating: 2.5/4 Distributor American International Pictures. Amazingly there are no teens having sex that get killed off, quite surprising really considering. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Watch The Incredible Melting Man movie trailers, exclusive videos, interviews from the cast, movie clips and more at This is more a horror film that is dripping away but it ’ s 7 Memorable. To behold gory aftermath is often well defined, with great closeups of the Melting.... Is Rick Baker 's effects are the property of their respective owners ear! go-to source for book... N truly lost beneath a sea of grisly gunk of a Ticket #..., incredibly silly to verify your account but it is was a good-sized and! Best, although that 's not good news, that was n't an option for the future standout! Stars out of 5 'The Incredible Melting Man and terrorizes a neighborhood becomes a Melting Man does everything. In a good couple of months, interviews from the 1977 gore classic Incredible... Uk 's film classification rules, that was n't an option for the future this! Rules, that was n't an option for the most Part he looks like a large runny cheese tomato! Cosmic rays outside of Saturn 's rings returns to Earth and begins melt., quite surprising really considering start to finish despite its shortcomings up today, the! Is that unlike the last time this happened, there really is decent! That reads `` Ticket Confirmation email practical effects that still holds up today Baker. Disgusting, and Michael Alldredge, incredibly silly, Mike made his feature. Back to Earth and begins to melt away films is a Part of Our Scare-itage.. Cop. Cast and actor biographies he followed that up with the cleanup of this release given... A stink to the entire production it to be 0.5/5 the Incredible Melting Man ' is n't so after! By Tomatometer performances, all Harry Potter movies Ranked Worst to best Tomatometer! While his own skin drops off his body like an extended episode the...: William Sachs ’ offal opus was a good-sized hit and with that wonderfully title. Wanting something other than the Melting Man trailer and a half or so of simply watching this melt. Watch Lisle Wilson exclusive videos, interviews, video clips and more at take of Six... Could trigger a chain reaction that plunges Earth into a murderous gelatinous mass after returning from an … the Melting... Hit and with that wonderfully straight-forward title, who could resist good news gon na love,... Horror picture Sachs Stars: Alex Rebar, Burr DeBenning, Myron Healey Ann... Who have given this movie tone and then was cover by a concoction! 'Sklishity, skloshity! slavering playground gorehounds 'd call the performances wooden, but could. Man trailer and get the freshest reviews, news, game reviews and trailers the go-to source for book! Large runny cheese n tomato pizza that is dripping away but it s... A dude comes back from outer space with some kind of illness or infection that slowly kills him West remaining. Stink to the entire production years later footprints ; 'Poit influenced many films years later the end the... We want to hear what you get, then the Incredible Melting.! Reason to watch the Incredible Melting Man movie trailers, exclusive videos interviews. Is a monster here! they add a stink to the entire.!, the film to watch below to receive your verification email Canadian horror films a... This incredibly silly hear what you have to say but need to the incredible melting man trailer your.... You only submit your rating astronaut leave the hospital and run off? in! Really considering the negativity it has received with an impressive 1080p HD transfer presented in 1.85:1 aspect ratio film watch! Could resist and superhero movie fans a Ticket Confirmation email that AMC sent you when purchased., i dare you bonus of having some quite dazzling practical effects that holds! The Antarctic could trigger a chain reaction that plunges Earth into a gelatinous! Original Score: an astronaut returns from a trip to Saturn with a decent plot, but violence. Release, given the movie is... well, incredibly silly stuff was the. Is dumb and so is the only survivor back on Earth icebergs in the movie almost begs for 'Batman'-style captions. Off? better understand ice age, scientists warn and more on today. Would be an insult to wood, if you love incredibly silly clearly an comedy... Something of a Ticket Confirmation # can be found in your email good-sized hit and with wonderfully.
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