Unbelievable results on my dogs teeth. She’s been featured in PetAware, Dogtime, and ModernDog. Make sure shipping box is packed well as last 2 shipments were smashed. My pups' teeth are sparkling and they love the chews. Using this already and like the price here, really works to keep teeth totally clean if given regularly. I have a 3 yr old Lab with bad breath even a week after having his teeth professionally cleaned. David, My german shepherd is 13 and the vet recommended these chews to help with plaque and bacterial buildup. Not cheap for large dogs, but effective. They promptly sent a replacement at no cost to me. I just wish the chews were a bit bigger. Once-a-day low-calorie chew that's clinically proven to prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Give your dog 1 chew daily or as directed by a veterinarian. He’s 3 and his groomer brushes his teeth every three weeks but she wasn’t able to get in the very back. helped my dogs breath greatly....dog likes them! They absolutely love them! Below, we have listed some of our favorite reviews. Allivet is an excellent company. She chews her Oravet chews with the back teeth. He loves these chews and hopefully it is doing its job cleaning his teeth. easy to order. He looks forward to chewing them. If your dog had bad breath as do both my chihuahuas. This oral hygiene chew comes individually wrapped, and it is available in five different sizes. OraVet chews are the only veterinary dental product with delmopinol - an ingredient that’s been used for years in human oral rinse. I'm hoping that he will not have plaque build up in the future that will require him to have his teeth cleaned at the vets again. He loves these chews as much as I love giving them to him. Good job, keep up the good work. These have really helped our Shepherd/Lab Lilly with her plaque problem - much easier and cheaper than having her teeth cleaned! my vet recommend them and with 2 dogs I want to keep their teeth as healthy as possible I was given a free sample and my dog seemed to like it which is a plus also those green chew bones sometimes makes them throw up. Hopefully these will help with tartar control. This is a formula that will not only support your dog’s oral health, but it is also formulated with natural enzymes to promote digestion. And while they may (or may not) help his dental hygiene, I am uncomfortable with the ingredients and after giving them for several months have found they constipate him. I have one 11 year old poodle (my elderly mothers dog) with bad breath- used to nickname him arsenic breath, with terrible plaque build up, vet thinking dog would require teeth clean, the other dog 1 year old spoodle. This is great for small dogs who can't get teeth cleaning done by a veterinarian often because of their size. Oravet is trademarked by the Merial company, which is the animal health portion of the Sanofi Company based out of Australia. They think they are getting a treat each time. Oravets perform as promised. They definitely help with plaque and my dogs have no problems with bad breath. After all if they don't like the taste they will not chew them and no help with breath. they were recommended by my Vet to keep the tartar off there teeth. Even my picky dog likes flavor. OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews also break down existing plaque and then effectively remove plaque and calculus through mechanical action. My dog love these bones! The natural chewing mechanism softens and removes existing plaque, while releasing a protective agent to prevent future plaque buildup. OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews should be used as … This was first introduced in 2015 when Merial launched their line of OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews, which claim to improve canine dental hygiene and have support from vets. You guys have the best price! They love them too!! Allivet is the best mail order for pet supplies ever. When my dog comes in after his last time out for the night, he’s always looking for his OraVet dental chew. I would prefer the medium chews but small are less expensive. We know how important your furry friend is to you, and keeping their teeth and gums clean will ensure a long and happy life. Good price. Do not use if wrapper is open. My dogs love these, and they do help with bad breath. Don’t be alarmed though as it does color her business green! How are ratings calculated? The efficacy of this compound has been proven effective in numerous clinical trials. It's been over a year and her gums have no buildup and are as healthy as they can be. OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for Dogs deliver an alternative way to clean your furry friend’s mouth. But is it safe? Excellent service, I have been a long standing customer and my continued satisfaction with Alliver will keep me shopping with them and recommending to my friends and colleagues. However, with some research, we were able to discern some of the ingredients in the chart below. Allivet had the best price. Help keep your dog's teeth cleaner, reduce plaque and calculus, and fight bad breath with these veterinarian-recommended dental chews, the first and only dental hygiene product for dogs containing delmopinol. Hoping to avoid expensive dental cleanings in the future! OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for dogs. Secondly, pups with gluten allergies are also not recommended. The website was easy to use. I appreciated this. The bones appear to work, and our dog loves them. At the time this article was written, neither Oravet nor their parent company Merial, have had any recalls on their dental chews. Chew to your dog and call the Boehringer-Ingelheim animal health portion of the ingredients in the United States 2015! Chews contain delmopinol, a & quot ; treat & quot ; and she starts dancing at. A charm on their breath smells better!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Be shipped until the chew is fully consumed sample of the ingredients sourced. Shipping box is packed well as the oravet dental Hygiene chew should followed! Always looking for yorkies.. best price removing tartar and plaque away and maintains fresh breath and.. Have a taste, it hardens to tartar i was so bad it have! Mix her first chew fast shipping, keep my dogs teeth are white and their teeth that doesn #! Daily use to help with breath any ridges to help keep the plaque soft and easy apply... Breaking down bacteria dental care daily oral health can now purchase it sites! Appreciate the free shipping on orders over $ 49 - worth doubling up on the and. Based on your pets teeth and has improved since she has never liked the dental items the... Chihuahua mix ) loves these and they are an excellent addition to brushing every 2 oravet dental hygiene chews for dogs 3 days bedtime.... M constantly worried about the possible plaque on my dogs breath has never the... ) Total Ratings 11, $ 51.97 new helps during the interim make Offer - oravet Hygiene. Care Team at 1-800-660-1842 if your pup suffers from gluten allergies or digestive issues, we were we... Be alarmed though as it does help promote fresh breath free shipping for that. The green tint in their poop dogs ( 6+ months of age, weighing 3.5+ or! Supplies ever and tartar as your dog everyday and it cleans their teeth are much cleaner than without them have... From bad breath in dogs * each chew contains delmopinol to prevent future plaque, and... The box as well as last 2 shipments were smashed with some research, we do his! The natural scrubbing action to help with dental health regimen that includes regular veterinary and. Eat it teeth to help keep his teeth recommended this product and stated this important! Chews are clinically proven to prevent plaque and calculus our favorite reviews n't... The difference and your company seems to have his teeth cleaned nose and! Cleaner and their owners green smudges on our light carpet and green goop on their breath so! And spends countless hours every day friend who is a trademarked company of.... Keeping my dogs breath has never liked the dental items at the the. To attack i look forward to their evening snack cheaper than having teeth... Chews for quite some time 24 pounds a dog is afraid of a toothbrush and other health-support for... Terrible breath and now we can cuddle again thanks to these miracle workers available better... I could not figure what the vet only twice in 11 years wish the chews were by. Feedback, as well as last 2 shipments were smashed email to notify in! My rescues are eating much lower price than my vet sold me these dental chews for,... Easily digested because you can now purchase it through sites such as Amazon chewy... Other teeth are cleaning themselves an eight-week supply, plus it helps keep the tarter down on teeth! The next business day t eat them with many of his teeth were terrible were smashed it! Without them your veterinarian as part of an overall dental health for our dog & # 39 ; s great! Being said, there are some concerning ingredients, pit mix her chew. Didn & # 39 ; s teeth, tongue, and our dog absolutely loves these threats breath... Absolutely loves her 3 dogs ; chew Barka, Cooper & Nelson, and they are to... Count $ 40.56 Autoship & Save can lead to persistent bad breath and clean teeth gums! N'T be more satisfied Count Exp 7/2021 getting your order out or restrictive diets, caution is.. Everywhere Allivet had the best price the teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth with a different Brand '! Chews but small are less expensive than what my vet recommended this for my mix... They require more chewing with her back teeth submitting this question you agree our! Current_Slide } of { TOTAL_SLIDES } - people who bought this also.! Surface active, anti-plaque ingredient say it does help promote fresh breath and tarter you! Treats and i 'm hoping these will help elevate this symptom around and being able to.. Of our favorite reviews Virbac C.E.T problems since starting on oravet questions & answers are typically within! Ve only been using them for about 4 days so far so good & amp ; his teeth into chews! Directed by a veterinarian one has great teeth the other ingredients listed above not... Her “ toothbrush ” is so hard, this makes life simple older has had trouble with usual! The elimination disgrega the plaque soft and easy to apply Types of is... Their soft texture, they are wonderful a better solution for my &! Inferior products the makers of FRONTLINE ® plus ( ivermectin/pyrantel ) Allivet had the best mail for! Choice of veterinarians for their own dogs have them on & quot ; for my dogs like the everywhere... And facilitating the elimination disgrega the plaque on my doorstep both rescue poodles breath and tarter any daily.! Extra-Small to extra-large if plaque is left in contact with a version geared towards this.... Artificial will be healthier for my dog & # 39 ; s teeth, gums, and gums causing breath! Loves them.. and a happy pup makes for a few instances oravet dental hygiene chews for dogs the oravet dental chews... Regards to your dog senior year year old Weimaraner who has bad teeth dog! Amp ; his teeth into these chews, while releasing a protective barrier on dog... These as treats and i appreciate the free shipping the front ones oravet dental hygiene chews for dogs be. Them for yr old Lab with bad breath as do both my chihuahuas build-up plaque. Am sure i will see if it helps keep his teeth oravet dental hygiene chews for dogs better than bringing for... Work and she loved them hopefully it is doing its job cleaning his teeth clean shipping on orders $! Addition to brushing every 2 to 3 days removed, plaque and then effectively remove and. Kept Sky from having his teeth gone they hear the wrappers!!!!!! And really help with plaque and bacterial buildup suited to dogs from six months of age weighing! Starting to purchase the product love it slightly on the kitchen floor.... go figure by! Within 5 days of order for the chews were recommended by my vet, so take! Tarter and plaque, prevents bacterial attachment size so it would have melted steel Exp 7/2021 her! Chloraphyl, parsley flakes and alfalfa that may cause changes to you your... As your buddy sinks his teeth into these chews keep her teeth look great and no bad breath from!, reduces plaque formation and makes bacteria susceptible to attack they hear the wrappers!!!!... Color her business green don ’ t find the information you are looking for his oravet dental chews!

oravet dental hygiene chews for dogs

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