The jump takes place from a cable car cabin, and it takes nine seconds (an eternity) before the elastic stops your fall. It is suspended by high-tension cords, which are fixed at both ends on either side of the Nevis River valley.Its glass floor allows spectators to watch others jump. The highest Water Touch Bungy Jump in New Zealand is located at the 154 feet above the Waikato River. Ben Campell; Fair Use The Nevis Bungy gondola hovers above the abyss Named by Lonely Planet as one of the best countries to visit in 2018 , New Zealand offers a dizzying array of adventure activities, most of which are concentrated in Queenstown, ‘the adventure capital of the world’. One-hundred-and-thirty-four metres up, The Nevis delivers 8.5 seconds of free fall. The first thing that comes to mind when people think of New Zealand is adventure tourism. Undoubtedly the scariest bungee jumping from New Zealand. Choose from either the original Kawarau bridge bungy where water touches are a must, the Ledge bungy located high above Queenstown, or the 134 metre Nevis Bungy, Queenstown's highest bungy jump. This is just 5 minutes from the Taupo Township. You can put 99 shots of espresso in your coffee, but it still won’t give you the raw thrill of the 134m, 8.5 second freefall that is the Nevis Bungy. Queenstown & Bungy Jumps. Hackett did the first few jumps (with specially designed harnesses and bungee cord) back in the late 1980s, including a … For starters, it is home to the world’s first commercial bungee site opened in the 1980s by iconic pioneer jumper AJ Hackett. Swings. The Nevis Bungee is the tallest Bungee jump in New Zealand and the third-highest bungee in the world. Well, that can give you a fair idea about the sheer monstrosity of this giant. You can choose to bungy, freefall by swing above the mighty Rangitikei River, or ride the flying fox (zipride), which at 1.1km long and speeds of up to 160kph, is among the fastest in the world. Bungee jumping and white water rafting are two of the most thrilling adventure tourism activities in New Zealand. Its experience will really leave you spellbound. Don't be fooled – there's nothing childish about The Nevis Swing. Nevis is one of five New Zealand jump sites owned and operated by Alan John (aka A.J.) The 40-minute drive from Queenstown takes you to a steep and winding access road. Hackett, the New Zealand entrepreneur and “father” of the sport. Today bungee is a phenomenon that stretches from the Swiss Alps to Zambia, but extreme-sports fanatics will agree the original and best jumps are still found in New Zealand. Bungy Stats: New Zealand's highest Bungy jump; Jump from a highwire cable car 134m; Massive ground rush - 8.5 seconds (or a … A.J. Queenstown is the home of the world’s first bungy. Because New Zealand is very pleased by the fact they gave the world this awesome adrenaline activity, there is pretty much a bungy jump around every corner. Invented in New Zealand, the bungy jump has got to be the biggest adrenaline activity. Situated over the Nevis River is the Nevis Highwire Bungy or Nevis Arc where a gondola transports you 440 feet (134 mtrs) above the water for the highest bungee or swing jump in New Zealand. The highest bungee jump in New Zealand is The Nevis Bungy, set 134m above the Nevis River outside of Queenstown. Go for the highest jump or choose a unique location at night over Queenstown or off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Featuring over and again on bucket-lists the world over, New Zealand is THE place to come to get ticking off the bungee jump entry on such dream lists. Standing 134m over the Nevis River, you'll leap eyes wide open or clenched in … The highest bungee jump in the world is currently 260m high in Zhangjiajie, China. It is the home of the world famous AJ Hackett bungy jumps and the first commercial bungy site at the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown.In recent years several more bungy jumps have been launched by AJ Hackett, including the 134 metre Nevis highwire and 47 metre Ledge bungy in Queenstown, as well as New Zealand's only … Whether it’s jumping into the ocean, jumping into a river, jumping in pairs, doing the highest jump or the smallest jump, New Zealand will accommodate your jumping needs. Getting there is part of the thrill. The highest bungy in New Zealand is just 45 minutes from Queenstown. This is the ultimate activity for adrenaline junkies, named as New Zealand's highest bungy jump. You can put 99 shots of espresso in your coffee, but it still won’t give you the raw thrill of the 134m, 8.5 second freefall that is the Nevis Bungy (and New Zealand's highest Bungy) And you thought parallel parking was scary. It may have lost its title to China, but the AJ Hacket, Nevis Bungy Jump in Queenstown, New Zealand is no less thrilling! You can enjoy a solo jump and conquer your fear of heights alone or grab a partner and share this exhilarating activity together! New Zealand is known for bungee jumping and skydiving activities as they have the postcard-perfect scenery that comes with it — and since it’s an experienced industry, you have a variety to choose from (such as a package that includes a recorded video of your skydiving experience).. The Nevis Bungy is not for the faint of heart but if you conquer it – and you know you can – you’ll have earned the right to really tell people what to do in Queenstown, New Zealand. ONSEN HOT POOLS Right in Queenstown there is also the Ledge Bungy and the Ledge Swing on a mountain slope platform overlooking the city. The Nevis Bungy is a bungee jumping platform in the Southern Alps near Queenstown in New Zealand's South Island.It is the third highest bungee jumping platform in the world at a height of 134 metres. Face your fears by standing on the edge and take that leap of faith, ‘Go Big or Go Home’ is the Nevis’ motto after all! A dizzying fall of 134 meters for the bravest among you. In operation for sixteen years, the bungy is New Zealand’s highest bridge jump. AJ Hackett Bungy is the world pioneer of commercial Bungy Jumping. Pages in category "Bridges in New Zealand" The following 4 pages are in this category, out of 4 total. Taupo Bungy is known as the country’s highest water touch bungee, allowing you to jump from a cliff-top towards the majestic Waikato River! Experience 8.5sec Of Pure Adrenaline Rush As You Freefall For 134m - Book Now! New Zealand’s highest bungy, a 134m drop and 8.5sec free-fall, the ground-rush is like no other. The highest jump of Oceania! In 1988, Kiwi entrepreneur and bungy guru AJ Hackett brought bungy jumping to the world’s attention when he founded the world’s first commercial bungy jump … It’s with this sense of bombast that I booked the 134m Nevis Bungy jump, the highest in New Zealand. AJ Hackett Bungy is the world pioneer of Bungy Jumping. So what’s the distinction between the two? Suspended by high wires between two canyons this jump is not for the faint hearted. Legde Bungee, Queenstown, New Zealand – 47 meters (The most scenic one) To get the jumping spot, you will have to take car up the mountain. It's here where New Zealand entrepreneur Alan John "A. Hackett made a 233-meter jump earning him a Guinness world record as the "highest commercial bungee jump" in 2007. The Nevis is the highest bunjee jump in New Zealand. It’s worth noting that the highest drop in New Zealand, isn’t technically a bungee jump but can be described as a SkyJump. This tour package offers the chance to try both in just one day in the beautiful surrounds of Turangi and Taupo. Bungy Jumping - Queenstown Bungee. The historic suspension bridge of the 1880s is hallowed ground for extreme sportsters the world over. If you didn’t know already, New Zealand is kind of a big deal when it comes to bungy jumping. In case throwing yourself off one of the world's highest bungee jumps isn't enough of a thrill, the Nevis River is also home to the world's biggest swing. Located just off the coast of Hong Kong, the 63-story needle-like Macau Tower is home to the world’s highest bungee jump.Located in the heart of Macau, at 764 feet, it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records, differing from most by utilizing a”second-generation bungee cord,” which has a sphere shape so that bodyweight is evenly distributed throughout the jump. The bungy jump! Make sure you get some photos to show to friends and family back home! The Nevis Bungy Will Be The Best Thing You Have Ever Done. New Zealand and the bungy jump go together like a hand and glove. I would say if you are thinking of taking Bungy, be warned that it might be one of the craziest or scariest things you will ever do in your life. Nevis Bungee takes bungee jumping experience to a whole new level—you plunge head-first from a soaring height of 134 metres before free falling for eight and a half seconds, descending rapidly towards the raging waters of the Nevis River with uncontrolled abandon. This is New Zealand’s most popular and highest spot, and the world’s third-highest bungee spot. New Zealand bungy jumping was developed in the 1980's by kiwi entrepreneurs AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch, and is today one of the best-loved extreme activities in New Zealand. You can jump where it all started in Queenstown or in other locations across NZ. Taupo Bungy has operating since which encourage more than 350,000 visitors from around the world for ticking 'bungy jumping' off their bucket list. The platform of Nevis Bungee is at a height of one hundred and thirty-four meters above the floor of the Nevis Canyon. This location offers magnificent views of beautiful Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains. J." It all started in Queenstown, New Zealand in 1988, and since then they have become an established World Leader in the Tourism Industry. Nevis Bungy here is the highest Bungy in New Zealand and is among the best Bungy in the world. New Zealand is regarded as the world’s best destination for bungy jumping. P. Pipeline Bungy Bridge; T. Taupo Bungy Platform It was once the highest Bungy Jump in the world! Bungy jumping in New Zealand is one of the New Zealand's most popular tourist adrenaline activities. Well, a SkyJump is a controlled free fall, supporting the participant with cable wires on either side, whereas a bungee jump uses an elastic cable, while the participant descends in free-fall.
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